AIOU-Admission & Grades Rules

AIOU-Admission & Grades Rules change the criteria for apply a new admission in allama iqbal open university. in autumn 2021 university  announced that grades for apply in new program is 40% marks should be in matric class . below this limit students can not eligible for admission.

Now the AIOU-Admission & Grades Rules changed the rule for apply for new registration in Allama  Iqbal Open University the limit of grades for new registration is 33%. The students who have 33% marks  in matric they can apply for new registration in F.A,I.COM,B.A/ADA, B.S, B.ED, Associate degree etc.

Method For Online Registration:

  • Open OAS portal
  • Make new account using phone number ( read the instruction carefully ) .
  • Select program where you want to get admission.
  • Enter the accurate data and submit documents by scanning .
  • Submit course codes that you submit .
  • Print invoice challan and paid through jazz cash / easy pesa.

After submitting the data wait for approval msg from university ( this procedure may take more than 3 month according to AIOU-Admission & Grades Rules)

Note : students have original result card that issue from board . result that download from internet can not be acceptable.

 Grading Criteria: 

In Autumn 2021 many policies changes. According to the updated poilicy 2023-24  passing grades for final paper (assignment + paper) should 50%. In new policy university change the criteria of passing marks. Now students get 40% marks in assignments+paper combination.

Formula For Counting the Grades 

For Assignments %

assignment marks (multiply) 100 /200

For Paper %

paper marks (multiply)100 / 100

combination of both grades should become 40% . other wise you will fail in that code.

Criteria Of Grading :

  • 80% above     A+ Grade
  • 70% to 79%   A – Grade
  • 60% to 69%   B – Grade
  • 50% to 59%   C – Grade
  • 40% to 49%   D – Grade
  • below 40%  Fail

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