OAS for fresh student

Allama IQbal Open University has made a online portal OAS for fresh students of AIOU. Many students don’t know about OAS portal.

Allama Iqbal Open University schdule of admission 2 tme in a year Spring& Autumn

Spring => February – April

Autumn=> August – October

  • Through OAS portal students can get admission in Allama Iqbal Open University.
  • If you online apply through OAS for fresh students save your password. You can check your objection through OAS for fresh students if university objection in any documents.
  • CMS is your online portal in which your all personal data about study,tutors,finance,etc uploaded. You can check any information from university can check any time.
  • You can send your next semester admission without any help .

CMS portal for continous students:

  • Through CMS check your study code/ information about your semester.
  • Through CMS check your personal infomation (name, address, phone number etc). You can change your phone number using CMS by sending application .
  • Through CMS check your examinaion greades& examination schedule .
  • Through CMS you can get next admission of semester form ”course registration ”option.
  • you can apply for degree through CMS online.


  • After confirm admission students can start write their assignment assignment questions & books can download through website.
  • Matric -F.A -B.A etc. students can write assignment on paper and send to tutor through post office before due dates.
  • Other programs can submit on LMS portal.


  • B.Ed & Master program after 1 month of confirming admission their workshops starts. University send your user id and password on your mobile .
  • Workshops schdule uploaded on LMS portal classes attend til 2 hours .
  • you can listen this class 2 hours .Many batches are made of one code.
  • Join classes through ms team .

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